Flexible Spending Account

Available to Permanent, Full-Time Employees Working More Than 20 Hours Per Week

FSA runs with the Fiscal Year (July 1 - July 30) and can only be elected during the FSA Open Enrollment Period

Gloucester Public Schools offers a FSA Plan to help active employees pay for medical expenses and dependent care. Your contributions are tax free and so are the reimbursements that you claim. If you haven't used your entire balance by the start of the new fiscal year, you are entitled to carryover $550.

Gloucester Public Schools deducts your FSA contribution from your bi-weekly paycheck on a pre-tax basis. As a result, you pay less in federal income and Massachusetts state income tax.

What is a Flexible Spending Account?

A flexible spending account (FSA) allows you to pay for qualified medical expenses and dependent care expenses on a tax-free basis.

How Much Can I Contribute to my FSA?

The IRS determines the maximum annual amount you're allowed to contribute to each FSA account.

Medical Expense FSA: Up to $2,750 per year

Dependent Care: Up to $5,000 per family per year

How Can I Pay for Eligible Expenses?

With a FSA account, you can pay using your benefits card. The benefits card works the same as a debit card at most retailers and will pay for only the qualified expenses on your receipt. If you do not have your benefits card available, you can pay for the expenses out of pocket and submit a claim for reimbursement online.

As a general reminder, it is important to save all receipts for health care and dependent care expenses.

Where Can I Buy FSA Products?

Almost anywhere! Since the benefits card is a VISA sponsored card, you can use it at almost any retailer that accepts VISA. Items that are FSA eligible are typically noted with an "F" or "*" on your receipt. If your card is not accepted, you can always pay for the items out of pocket and then submit for a reimbursement through Sentinel's web portal.

https://www.FSAStore.com is a website designed specifically to sell FSA-eligible items only. You may also use your benefits card on most popular online retailers.

If you've elected Dependent Care, you may use your benefits card to pay your dependent care provider directly, provided that there are enough funds in your FSA account to cover the expense and that your dependent care provider accepts VISA. Otherwise, you may pay out of pocket and submit for a reimbursement through Sentinel's web portal.

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